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How to make an appointment

Whilst SSHC provides specialist sexual health care, the majority of STI screening is performed by general practitioners (GP) in the community. For this reason, whether you are new to our service or have been here before, your STI risk will be assessed by one of our nurses, who will advise you on the service that best meets your needs.

This assessment can take place in person, by phone or, by far the quickest , by completing the online Am I at risk tool.

If it is determined that SSHC can best meet your needs through one of our range of specialist on-site or off-site clinics, the nurse will schedule an appointment or advise on how to access the service. In addition to our general clinic, our services include:

SSHC provides free interpreting services for clients who speak languages other than English. Interpreting services are provided either face-to-face or via the phone, depending on the times that interpreters for specific languages are available. If you require an interpreter in order to call SSHC to make an appointment or get test results please call the Telephone Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450.

Drop in service

SSHC also provides a drop-in service (no appointment required) and priority is given to those people who require urgent assistance or to those who have made a prior arrangement to pick up their results however there may be a wait of up to 2 hours. If you attend without an appointment but are not in need of urgent assistance, it is possible that you may be made an appointment for another day or referred to another service.

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